After the discussion we had last time, we will be implementing Downtime rules so we can stay involved between sessions and if people are not able to attend a session then their character can still do something. Please read the DOWNTIME section for more information on this.

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On here will be clarification of certain rules and also information about the realm at large including an introduction to the world (without spoilers).

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Before recorded history, a colossal mass of metal crashed into Golarion, breaking up on entering the atmosphere and scattering itself across the plains of northeastern Avistan in an event the Kellid shamans call the Rain of Stars. Numeria, the center of the collision, was changed forever as city-sized chunks of alien debris fell to the earth. The largest of these fragments is now known as Silver Mount, and forms the nucleus of the Numerian capital of Starfall. The Rain of Stars also brought with it the prime sources of “skymetal”—exotic minerals and alloys that include adamantine, as well as lesser-known metals like toxic abysium and liquid djezet.

Tech is rare, even in Numeria. Much of the Tech is controlled by the Technic League.

Numeria is a land of extremes. The environment is harsh and barely sustains life, and what life it does sustain is often mutated into twisted parodies of Golarion’s native species, or else transplanted here from far, alien reaches. Once a rising power poised to unite its neighbors under its banner, Numeria’s leadership has fallen into decay. Here, barbaric savagery and science exist side by side. Travelers from across Golarion flock to research and exploit the technological wonders found within the otherworldly ruins; meanwhile, tribes of primitive barbarians cling to an age-old tradition and eschew technology in favor of their own raw skill and martial prowess.

Numeria is a nation where, under the pretext of technological advancement and the betterment of civilization, a select few rule a subjugated nation as despots and tyrants, placing their own power and continued reign above the well-being of their citizens. Where Silver Mount rises like a gleaming edifice of shimmering metal above the desolate plains, adventurers strive to unlock the secrets of a land touched by the stars, and all who come here find themselves changed forever by the environment, its inhabitants, and—-perhaps most of all—-the strange technologies that can offer them either unmatched power or a quick and untimely death.