Iron Gods

An honest day's work.

Gideon downtime 1

After my companions and I surfaced from our first excursion into the cave I headed to our lodgings to rest. I fell quickly into a dreamless sleep and didn’t stir until shortly before sunrise.

When I awoke, looking out of the window and down into the street I could see a number of the townsfolk were already up and about their day. I decided to walk while it was still early, I would catch up with the others later.

I left my armour and sword next to my bunk and grabbed a spare cloak from a hook next to the front door on the way out, it was a little threadbare but warm enough.

I walked through the streets letting my feet take me where they pleased. After a few minutes of aimless wandering I came to a house on the edge of town, it’s walls barely standing, one had collapsed completely.

It reminded me of the machine we encountered in The Foundry Tavern ran by Val, intent on taking the place apart brick by brick. It probably would have too if we didn’t stop it.

‘Help you sonny?’ The voice of an old haggard woman snapped me back from my musings. I looked down to see who had spoken to me. The woman was old, and looked up at me through gray eyes speckled with cataracts. She leaned on a cane and hunched over so much so that she was nearly bent double. She was standing in front of me and had clearly just come from the ruins of the house I stood before. ‘Forgive me madam, I was lost in thought. Is this your home?’ ‘Hah! What’s left of it.’ She cackled. ‘Place is barely habitable since the storm.’ She looked back at the building with both a fondness and a sadness of someone who had spent a lifetime there.

I had no idea what storm she spoke of but I could see She had memories here, good and bad connected to her home and I could tell that although she had laughed about the state of the place that it hurt her to see it so.

‘Well let’s see what we can do about that shall we?’ I said and began to roll up my sleeves. The woman protested at first, saying it was un-necessary but stopped after a few minutes of me shifting rubble. I worked for most of the morning, clearing broken stone, setting salvageable brick to one side, I only noticed it was midday when I was stopped by the old woman bearing food and water. A few other townsfolk had joined me in my efforts At this point and I sat down to eat wand rest with them.

Looking at them, they were a community of good people, they just needed a little spur to do what was right. There was hope here I thought to myself. It reminded me of why it was good to help others.

Midday turned into evening and as the sun dipped the ruin of the house looked ten times better, it was a day’s hard labour but I felt better for it than I’d felt since I’d wound up on this strange plane.

I told the old woman (Magda she had said her name was,) that I would return to help more when I could As evening drew closer I set off back to the foundry to rest and regroup with the others.


Before you could leave, Magda calls out to you and insists you take a token of her appreciation, handing you a necklace;

“I cant believe the kindness you have shown me and will never be able to thank you enough. It is not much but please take this as a token of my appreciation. I may be old but I can recognise someone special when i see them.”

Not knowing what she means by this, putting it down to her frailty, you thank her for her words and press on towards The Foundry, wearing the necklace provided.

An honest day's work.
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