Iron Gods

B001's Downtime


Stood in the corner of the Foundry Tavern with Gideon, Nuhta and Muridae staring at the wall. Gideon comes over and suggests that in an environment like this it is considered strange to be facing the corner when stood in it. With that hint I turn around and think about the mayhem that has happened over the last day. Although it was easier to think facing the wall, pfft silly meatbags and their strange rituals.

More has happened over the last day than in my entire existence so far. Admittedly that has not been that long. I can not help run over the possibilities that lie beyond the star metal door. The technology seems to match me, maybe it holds secrets of where I come from and who I am meant to be. I am not going to get more answers until the morning and we are fully rested. It does seem like an odd design flaw that the meatbags need to close their eyes and do nothing for 8 hours a day, I understand them needing to repair but honestly, I just think they are lazy.

So during this time I think to myself that I will learn more about the sentient bags of meat and their strange rituals. I mean even the three that I travel with are vastly different. You have Gideon who everyone likes and he seems to like putting himself in to possible situations of hazard just to prevent damage to the rest of us. And just look at Muridae, he has a strange persistance about him with the world. I am starting to think maybe his memory module is fine but its his reality chip is the thing that is damaged. He still thinks I should obey his commands like his primitive puppy. But I have to let him off as he has been nothing but kind-ish to me. Finally their is Nutah who seems to be very good at hinding and just turning up out of the blue. (I also know very little about him as his personal god has not got a background) I cant believe his stupidity in the casino but somehow it paid off for him. It does seem he is very adept at communication though and seems to tend to my “feelings” showing kindness. I am unsure if I should tell him this is unnecessary as I do not have them. But if I ever do get them when im older then that may be required.

So off I go with some farewells looking for another tavern to investigate. I stop by a building with a rustic sign outside saying “The Copper Coin”. I open the door and step inside with an air of curiosity.

What do I see mike? Who is there? Is this even the right way of doing this? What is the answer to the ultimate question?

One of the oldest taverns in Torch, the Copper Coin stands right on the western edge of town. This fixture nightspot fills up with patrons almost every evening, and it is especially popular with laborers and artisans looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Human siblings Lawton and Katina Rimos run the Coin as a quality establishment with good food at reasonable prices. In fact, much like their father, who ran the tavern for 30 years before passing away, they pride themselves on claiming everything costs “just a few coppers”.

After walking in, Lawton greets you: Welcome to our establishment, I am Lawton and this is a sister Katina. Unforunately I do not believe we have anything suitable for your……….kind. We serve mearly food and ale here or is there something specific you require?


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“Social mode activated.” A smile appears on my face almost instantly, well to be honest it more a case of showing as many of my teeth as possible whilst standing in a open stance with my arm reached out to shake hands.

“Greetings to you Lawton and Katina, my serial is B001-1AN but my friends call me bool for short”.

The hand shake was somewhat awkward with exactly three shakes and an uncompromising hand grip.

“I am not after sustenance, although it is possible for my kind to consume and digest most humanoid meals. I am mealy on a social mission to interact with the inhabitants of this town. I may be here for a few days whilst I am helping re-igniting the torch and finding Konnir”

I pause to take in Lawton’s and Katina’s facial expression and calculate how many people are in the bar, but as they open their mouth to talk I once again start conversation.

“I understand this establishment offers meals and drinks in the order of a few coppers, I would like to purchase a drink for everyone in the bar, please let it be known to your patrons. Also is their anyone in the bar that has a vested interest in Konnir’s returning or not retuning. And also would anyone profit or otherwise gain benefit for the torch not being re-ignighted?”

B001's Downtime

When you look around, you can only see one or two people having food before getting back to work.

Lawton and Katrina look at each other confused, “Why would someone not want him to come back? He has done great things for the town and is a friend to all here. Same goes for the fire, we all wish it to be lit otherwise our single purpose for being here is logs and the town will fall into ruins.”

Lawton takes a few coppers off you to pay for the meals of the others.

Katrina whispers “The only group that might want to interfere are the Technic League as they are not warmly welcomed around here but even they have an interest in keeping it lit. No Torch, No Commerce, No Taxes.”

Lawton then asks “Would there be anything else?”

B001's Downtime

“Only one more query.” After a second to process the information. A few people have mentioned the Technic League, I will have to keep a keen sensor array out for them.

“You indicated that you have met my kind before. Is there any more inhabitants of the city with the same blue streaks throughout the skin, or similar”

After the reply It will be time to route back to the Foundry as it is getting late.

B001's Downtime

Lawton responds “Yes there are a few of your kind around town. They mostly keep to themselves since a log of people view them with mistrust and paranoia believing they are a bad omen of things to come but I dont believe in such stories.”

“They mostly help out with garbage disposal but can be seen helping around town when an extra pair of hands are needed”

B001's Downtime
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