Iron Gods

Episode 1

On last week's episode.

Our story begins as all good stories do, with a band of unlikely travellers hearing the call of adventure in a distant land.

Our heroes arrived in the town of Torch after hearing of the town’s appeal for help with their recent problems. upon entering the town, the band proceeded to the town hall to meet with Dolga, a female dwarf who is one of the town’s councilers.

Dolga Freddert, the town’s oldest councilor, was present at Torch’s founding over a century ago, and though her body has grown old in those 100 years, she remains alert and energetic.

While speaking to her, our heroes found out that the normal fire at the summet of the Black Hill (which sustains the town and provides one of the few places able to produce hot enough temperatures to smith skymetals, giving the town its trade) has gone out and has been out for the past 8 days.

Since the torch went out, a cave system was discovered underneath the “weeping pond” into which, Khonnir Baine has made a number of expeditions into the cave network bringing back numerious arifacts.

However he has failed to return from his latest voyage into the unknown and has been missing for approx 3 days now.

The council has requested if the heroes are able to rescue the counciler then they will be hansomly rewarded. There is also a bonus available if they are able to restart the flame atop Black hill.

Once the meeting with Dolga was completed, our party headed to the taverns to seek Val, Khorrir’s daughter, for more information on her father’s exploration however upon arrival at “The Foundry”, the Android detected screaming coming from the rear building.

It was at this moment, Gideon raced forward intent on defending whoever may need it. After charging and bursting through the front door, Gideon found himself in a small corridor with a number of doors but hearing metal gears grinding and metal whiring coming from one of the rooms. It turned out to be a machine that was retrieved by Khonnir during one of his expeditions thought dead but now very alive and intent on destroying the building.

By this point, the Ratfolk, Muridae, caught up and threw one of his alchemical devices severally damaging the machine (and the surrounding barrels). At this moment, Gideon chose to seize the initiative, cleaving the machine in half with his falchion.

After ensuring the destruction of this strange machine, our party spoke with Val, a young female, and obtained further information as to the expedition’s discoveries.

As a reward for their assistance, Val has allowed the party to use The Foundry as their base of operation, a safe place to rest and resupply.

Once the party had visited the Temple of Brigh (to which the ratfolk Muridae was obsessed), the party headed into the cave system, easily dispatching of the native creatures which dwelled there until they came across a number of hairless black humanoids who call themselves Skulks and come from the Darklands.

Upon meeting these Skulks and their leader Sef, they made it clear that they did not have the will to fight and struck a bargin to clear themselves of a group of Gremlins currently plaguing what is left of their tribe.

During this conversation, the party was made aware of a large party lead by a purple haired women who hired Sef and her Skulks to prevent anyone else from following them. This proved difficult however when Khonnir and his expedition forced their way through.

This is where we lastleft our heroes.


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