Iron Gods

Episode 2

On last weeks episode.....

After discovering that a large party led by a purple haired women hired Sef and her tribe to prevent anyone following them, they set out take care of the little Gremlin problem to the north as requested by Sef. It was not long before the party encountered trouble and pushed them onto the defensive seemingly being attacked from nowhere while spying upon a creature coming up.

Attacking the party was a creature grimacing like a maniac, this lean little bat-eared horror displays a mouth full of needle-like teeth and glowing, orange eyes. The party realised that they have found the Gremlins and quickly pushed them back but before the killing blow was struck, they vanished just as quickly as they had appeared.

Sensing conflict, the party pushed on deeper but the moment they pressed on, a trap was sprung, grazing the mechanical beast Mr Graw.

After rounding the corner, our heroes found Nutah in combat with another Gremlin but this one was easily overcome and despite the involvement of another, all was quite once again. These are indeed pesky creatures.

The party rounded a corner into an open room. Several different passageways converge on a narrow ledge overlooking a rubble-filled cavern. The far wall is made of a smooth, dark gray metal. A single circular door, tightly closed, sits on the metal wall just above the upper level of the rubble.

As B001 pushed on scouting ahead, he heard the faint thud of something landing on the floor behind him but before it could react the creature was upon him. This was a similar creature to the other but looked much stronger and definately more experienced. Despite the agility of this more advanced Gremlin, B001 was able to graple it and pin it down as Muridae assisted.

Sensing its defeat was near, the creature vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving it’s shard of metal (used as a weapon) on the ground. After licking their wounds, Nutah scouted the last unknown area but quickly regretted the decision as a trap was triggered, severally injuring him but this was nothing since the group had previously found healing potions.

It was at this point that the group noticed a second solid metal wall but this one had what looked to be a door. No matter how much they tried, the door would not budge as if it was barred from the other side.

The party returned to Sef to advise that they have cleared the Gremlins out from the caves as previously agreed. Sef provided the group with the promised reward:

3x suits of studded leather armor,
1x masterwork buckler,
1x short bow with 11 arrows,
1x rapier,
2x shortswords,
1x masterwork sap,
2x potions of cure moderate wounds,
1x sunrod,
2x sets of masterwork thieves’ tools,
1x scroll of shield,
1x scroll of identify,
143 gp.

While inspecting the Metal Wall near Sef’s encampment, Muridae discovered that if one of the cards were inserted into a solt on the wall, the wall itself would open up revealing a very different and alien interior. The mud stopped and turned into metal however the party could see a large number of footprints going through the opposite door.

It was time for the party to return to the surface before the Priest’s blessing expired and prevented them for navigating the water cavern.

The party returned to the Town Hall and spoke to Dolga, updating her with new of their travels.

Upon leaving the town hall, our heroes were handed an invitation by a nervious looking curior, for the Silverdisk Hall. A known location for drinking and gambling run by a human named Garmen Ulreth but also includes a certificate worth 100gp for use in entertainment within his establishment.

From asking around town, our party found that Garmen Ulreth is one of the more influential people in Torch— an impressive quality, given the fact that he’s neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmen’s considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch’s citizens owe him money in either small or large amounts.

After enquiring at the temple & The Foundry regarding the Purple-haired lady (based on information given by Sef) our band of adventures decided to give their luck a test with some gambling (apart from Muridae who was not quite sure how or why you would want to gamble). Meanwhile Nutah was having a whale of a time and came away from the experience 465gp richer. This was obviously not to Garmen’s liking, “convincing” Nutah to join him for a drink before leading him out of the door.

This is where we last left our heroes.


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