Iron Gods

Episode 3

Once more into the Caves

We last left out heroes after their rest from gambling at the Silverdisk Hall. Each of our heros spent the next day focusing on their own tasks before regrouping to continue on their quest.

insert water investigation

The group ventured into the caves once more and found the metal door previously spotted, inside this door, the ground turned to a dark metal and the ceiling was covered with flickering light sources. The party cautiously proceeded opening the next door but found their path blocked by a more intact version of the machine encountered in the Foundry Tavern. Before it could react, our team severally damaged the three-legged machine, drawing out into the doorway, allowing all members to cause enough damage to topple it.

Piles of rubble line the room with what looked like a staircase located in an ajoining room heading down but this path is blocked by the collapsed ceiling. The party found in this room: a set of grippers, a black e-pick, and two batteries.

Pressing on, the party found beyond the door, the ground changed again to sand like substance with rock walls forming a cave enterance. After proceeding down the cave, the party found a strange large rock like hollow object similar to carapace resting against the wall. The accurate eyesight of B001 spotted that the ground surrounding this object looked darker than the rest.

Before proceeding forwar, Muridae took no chances and threw an alchemical bomb at the object. After the bomb hit the carapace causing very little damage, multiple tenticle like tentrils


With his quick thinking, Muridae threw an acid flask at the creature causing severe damage and melting the carapace. With another quick throw, the creature was defeated.

The party proceeded out of the cave into a large sand covered expanse with very little to no light available. The edges of the cave are rock rise up along the edge but ends in a dark metal wall continuing to raise upwards out of sight.

Along the floor, B001 spotted there was a well worn trail towards the centre but before following it, Muridae raised concerns about following a path that no-one has returned from. Heeding this caution, the party followed the wall instead keeping the wall to their left, the party explored around the edge keeping the wall to their left..

After a large amount of exploring, the party came across a number of caves but before they were able to investigate, a mound of sand moved and revealed a 4-armed skeleton who immediately attacked the party causing a large amount of damage before it was then easily destroyed by Mr Graw.

Within these caves, there were the remains of a primative nomadic culture indicated by the broken pottery and drawings on the cave wall.

With the caves explored, the party decided it was time to head back to the surface but on the way back to the entrance, the party were ambushed by 2 more skeletons however these were dispached quicker then the first few and successfully left the cave.

This is where we left our heroes.


Mike_Craney Mike_Craney

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