Iron Gods

Episode 4

What does this do?

We last left our heroes back in town after exploring the majority of the large open cave. Upon entering the town, our group decided to rest before seaking out the priest of brigh once more.

Upon meeting the priest they were told more information on the possible cause of the headaches that a small number of the population where encountering. Despite pressing for more information, the priest was unable to provide anything concrete.

Our heroes left the temple and headed through the town towards the black hill to the small crater that use to be the location for the fire that gave the town its name, but is now just a small crater with a small amount of a black fluid. Murdae took a sample of this fluid for use at a later date.

Once this was stored, the party headed back to the temple, received their blessing and headed back into the caves.

Once in the caves, they came back to the large open area and continued to explore. They found a cave that had shined light out however the back of the cave looked like regular rock.

The party quickly discovered that this is a fake wall and proceeded through. Muridae quickly noticed that some elements of the metal door infront of them did not match the others. This metal room is brightly lit by glowing panels in the ceiling above. To the left and right, complex machines consisting of spiral tubes and nozzles twitch and hum.

This small room moves opens into a long corridor bending around to the east while a set of double doors lie in front. The party moved upto these doors and after checking for any obvious traps, moved into the room. The air in this room seems to buzz and hum with energy. Strips of glowing rectangles light the room from above, while strange
flckering windows line the east and west walls. A large glasstopped circular table sits in the middle of the room.
To the north sits a large metal desk covered with blinking lights, while a humming pillar of purple-and-black metal stands nearby, its sides flshing with tendrils of violet energy. A single golden panel flshes with a soft but incessant light on the side of this pillar. A thick layer of dust coats everything, diffusing the lights shining from the various surfaces, and many of the machines seem to be damaged, cracked, or otherwise ruined.

Muridae immediately ran up to the consoles and began pushing buttons but it was B001 that noticed on on the pillar labeled “reset”. Upon pushing this, a shower of sparks came from the consoles and caused the room to whir and hum, and a moment later, the circular table in this room f lares to light, providing a holographic projection of the habitat module on its surface. Numerous panels on the wall fill with static and the pillar of purple metal flashes and begins to pulsate.

Our adventurers moved on from here and followed the corridor first east then north as they found a set of doors to their east and north. Upon opening the northern doors, Muridae spotted A large metal table is surrounded by odd-looking chairs in this room. To the west, what appears to be a transparent wall looks out over a strange desert valley. Four pillars support the fiteenfoot-high ceiling, while dozens of crude images of a pickaxe made of a skull and bones have been painted onto the walls with some sort of ivory pigment along with several phrases in an unrecognizable language.

The moment muridae stepped through the door, he was ambushed by a creature that looked very similar to the skeletons they met previously but this had a lot more flesh attached, wielding 2 short swords and using the claws with his other arms.


After a brutal fight, the creature was defeated but due to the damage sustained, the group thought it best to retreat back to town to heal up before proceeding any further. Within the room, the group found a similar ‘rune of passing’ however this appeared to be coloured black..

This is where we last left our heroes.


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