Iron Gods

Episode 5


After resting in town, the party awoke and headed towards the temple when they encountered a human trader by the name of Sanvil Trett. He tells the party that he is very interested in any artifacts found in the cave and will pay hansomely for them but he can also help identify any items as he has a large amount of experience with these wierd devices.

After much convincing, Muridae and B001 decided they would see what he had to offer. Upon visiting the store, they found he had a weird item that appeared to be the right size and shape for a slot in B001’s head.

With B001’s “upgrade” in place, the party headed over to the temple and obtained the blessing and headed back into the caves.

The group proceeded quickly over the familiar ground covered previously until they were back at the east looking door. Muridae immediately attempted to open the door with the brown ‘rune of passing’ but the door displayed a red light. It did not take long for the group to realise they needed to use the newly aquired card. Savil Trett was very helpful with these and explained that there are more colours and only certain cards will open certain doors. Upon trying the black card, the door opened reveiling a large curving corridor with a collapsed ceiling at one end and a large door in front of them.

After moving through this metal area, the doors give way to a large open room. A large metal desk with blinking lights and strange glowing panels sits atop a raised area on the east side of this room near a circular table. Two couches covered with black material sit to the south a pair of black metal pillars. Splatters of dried blood stain the flor and walls near a pair of doors to the north, while here and there patches of rust-red mold and fungus cling to the southern wall. The room itself is brightly lit by glowing panels on the ceiling.

Muridae ran stright to the desk and sat on the chair before immediately flailing on the panel before him. This caused a number of fuzzy random images to appear on the screen but the one image he was able to remember is one of creatures who looked very similar to the 4-armed skeletons encountered previously before going blank.

While this was occurring, B001 decided to investigate a near by door in which he found a number of storage lockers containing a few items (incase forgotted):

fully functional flashlight,
three batteries (one drained),
26 silverdisks.

There was a small container with a white label on its surface but desite all their knowledge, the party was just not able to open it and since it looked to be made out of the same material as the walls, there was a slim chance in breaking it open.

Out of the 2 doorways to take (north and east) our party took the east door which opened into a small corridor, door further east and a door to their south.

Taking the door south, the found a small, slightly curving corridor, door to the south-west and a small door to the south-east.

Believing that all small doors lead to loot, our party took the small door only to find a long curving corridor, door to their immediate north, further along towards the south and east.

Following the same philosiphy that has lead them this far, the pair opened the door to their immediate north. This room reeks of stagnant water and decaying vegetation. A long trough of water runs along the walls of this room; a layer of brown scum and algae grows on the water’s surface and on the walls. A single workstation sits in the middle of the room connected to a large machine made of tubes and bubbling tanks of water.

Sat upon the room’s single mold-encrusted chair, a small green creature with 2 others beside him stand to face the group.


Before anything can move, Muridae immediately throws an alchemical device into the room, vaporising the 2 bodyguards of this creature and damaging him but not stopping his rage as he came charging at the heroes. The small green creature dropped his hammer in his rage and clawed at Muridae. Muridae could feel something attempting to take hold as it clawed away but pushed it back.

After a short fight, our heroes defeated the creature and immediately searched the room for valuables. Muridae, interested by the machinery, found that the water was not drinkable. This indicated to the group that Khonnir may well be dead after all.

The group decided to move further down the corridor revealing a door to the north around the corner.

Following the very popular tactics used to this point, the group decided to go through the small door along the southern wall.

The air in this room is unusually warm and moist, with a thin, pale vapor of mist clinging to the ceiling, causing the lighted panels to diffuse and become muted. Condensation runs down the walls along with a riot of unusual brown and dull green vegetation. The moist, thick-stemmed plants and vines grow out of long earth-filed troughs along the wall, while a tall column of plant matter extends like a tree trunk from a circular planter in the middle of the room to spread a network of vines across the mist-shrouded ceiling. A low humming sound fils the air.

B001 immediately spotted that within this room, they were not alone as some similar creatures as earlier were attempting to hide in the vegetation. Muridae managed to get a successful attack against a single creature and killed it before they faded back into the vegetation. Muridae recalls at this point that these creatures are plant based and as such should be easy to deal with.

While Muridae and B001 are discussing this, 2 spear points come thrusting out of the vegetation, scratching Mr Graw and B001 but it was not long until they were taken down. Only small short spears were found on their bodies.

The party proceeded through the small door they found in the north-west corner of the room.

The stench of mold and decay fils this open, dark chamber, no doubt created by the thick blanket of fungal matter coating the flor. Several chairs sit before work tables containing unusual tools and equipment, while a row of doors line the curved southern wall. The party spotted another plant creature but this was much different to the others. This strange, vibrant plant slowly but dangerously whips about its trio of tendrils with spiked heads.

Luckily for the adventures, this plant moved too slowly and was easily dealt with.

A search of the room found four bodies of the Brigh worshipers,
while in advanced stages of decay and fungal infestation. All four possess silver holy symbols of Brigh.

After discovering these bodies, it was decided to head back to town.

This is where we last left our heroes.


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