Iron Gods

Episode 6

What are pants?

We last left out heroes coming back to town to rest after a very successful outing into the ruins despite being down on party members. Upon resting, Muridae and B001 found they had once again been joined by Gideon but upon heading to the temple, they found themselves in the company of 2 very unusual characters, a masked man with a strong desire to see Khonnir safe named Jacob Fortress and a halfling with a facination of spinning and a severe lack of clothing who heard that these adventures have been into the caves multiple times and have always come back. Previously groups who went in, would never be heard from again. The masked man did not say much other then he would accompany the group in search of Khonnir.

With this, the group received their blessings and headed into the caves. During the journey in, B001 decided to advise the new party members of what lies ahead.

Soon the party was back within the large initial room and decided to investigate the blood stains to the north. Upon opening the northern door, the sight before them shocked even the most stout hearted. Bloodstains mar the floor and walls of this hallway, while scorch marks and smears of ash on the walls evidence some sort of altercation having taken place in this area relatively recently. Four tangled mounds of metal and other materials lie further up the hall, surrounded by strangely colored stains.

Muridae immediately moved to investigate the tangle mounds of metal and found another battery but nothing more. The corridor curled round to the east, revealing a door to the east and south at the end of the hall. B001 moved up and checked for any danger on the door. After determining that the door posed no threat, the group moved in and immediately noticed the blood streak stopped at the door.

A long table with various unusual stones and dirt samples heaped on it sits along the southern wall of this room, while to the north a line of metal desks with glowing panels and buttons are placed next to a large humming device. The heart of this device seems to be some sort of flickering sphere of reddish brown mud or dirt. Dust covers much of this room, save for a strangely clean swath between the doors, which leads to the strange humming device.

Muridae moved into the to inspect the devices but found more facination with the chairs that spin around while still staying upright. The moment he started spinning round, a large mass, A swollen, brainlike bulb encrusted with fungal shelves squats atop several ropy legs. A wide mouth bisects the bulb’s crown.
This creature quickly fell to the alchemica creations of Muridae but also the sudden blade of Gideon after charging.

The party moved on from here through the southern doors and found that the blood stain on the floor has started again. There is a door to the south and one to the east however it is found that the corridor moves off to the west.
Around this corner, doors a found to the west, and smaller doors to the north and the south.

Going into the southern door, a small tiled room lies before them. Four narrow stalls take up the south portion of this room, their doors and partitions not qu ite reaching the tiled floor or ceiling a bove. A fifth door stands to the west, while a strange metal basin protrudes from the wall immediately to the east of the entrance.

Going through the northern small door, Two circular metal tables and several chairs fill the bulk of this room. Metal cabinets sit against the walls, while to the north stands a large machine with glowing panels on its surface. The air in this room felt unusually warm. Searching the room revealed a large collection of 50 small tubes of concentrated food.

After investigating heavily a strangly hot surface, but yet no fire, the party moved on through the western small door. This opened into a straight corridor running north-south. Doors to the north (which was quickly established to connect to a prior corridor) and doors to the south (which led to a strange circular room, with a panel on the wall displaying a strange language), doors also on the western wall opened to a large room.

The unlit circular room is empty save for a panel of controls on the wall to the northwest. A coil of tubes dangling from the left side of the panel periodically flashes with sparks, while a single square window on the panel blinks with several lines of strange writing. B001 translated the panel to say the following:

Deck 4: Engineering
Deck 3: Science
Deck 2: Crew
Deck 1: Docking
WARNING: Elevator off-ne-please contact maintenance!

The last line titled “WARNING” is flashing in red, while the line titled “Deck 3” is bright blue.

Meanwhile, the party moved into the western room; This sprawling chamber conta ins many desks, tables, and chairs
arrayed before a number of broken pieces of equipment and machinery. The dried residue of liquids spilled from smashed containers creates a heavy stench in the air, and pieces of glass litter the floor.

Within the room, the party found three hideous creatures. Like some taut pustule ready to burst, this mobile wound scuttles on a bristle of slick hairs. Our heroes fought hard to defeate this creatures but not before getting covered in the foul smelling innards. (Fury and Lynskey infected by leprosy)

After cleaing themselves up, the party moved back the way they came to the room not yet explored with blood stains outside. B001 determined that there was no traps on the door and proceeded to open the large metal door. Metal desks sit to the north and south of this long room, yet the most distinctive features are a pair of odd, bedlike tables
flanked by curving panels of blinking, pulsing lights. Moving armatures of metal extend out over the beds, each outfitted with glowing panes of glass and strangely glowing tools. The chamber reeks of blood, with great crimson stains splashed across the device, beds, and floor.

Stood next to one of the beds is a large white machine with a number of sharp implements and appears to be working aggressivly on something on the bed.


Without giving the machine chance to react, the party moved in to surround it causing a large amount of damage quickly. Once the party members were closer, they discovered the robot was slicing apart the very mauled remains of a human on the bed and can be heard spewing phrases like the following: “Please remain calm; you are to undergo a medical procedure,” or “There is no reason to struggle, you are in safe hands,” or “The doctor will be with you

Despite hitting the adventures a number of times, the party was quickly able to overwhelm the machine in a shower of sparks. Muridae seized this opportunity to investigate the remains and found that there is a simlar item within the head of this robot to the item installed within B001’s head.

While the party discussed what to do next, Muridae convinced B001 to lie down on the bed while he attempted to “upgrade” him using the equipment present, in the process causing a hot red beam of light to burn its way across B001’s chest. B001 instantly rolled off the bed looking very displeased.

This is where we last left our heroes.


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