Iron Gods

Of Finding God And Crafting Metal Angels.

In an empty alcove of a church, a small robed being was squinting furiously at a pamplet, as a crude metal being made faint whirling grindy noises beside him.

Brigh’s primer for laypriests had thankfully turned out to be brief and rather straight forward.

“Brigh’s teachings ground this process in three equally important concepts, often conceived as a triangle: questioning, proposals, and testing. Each are considered necessary and dependent upon one another in the safe, concrete, documentable pursuit of knowledge.”

Simple enough, when testing fails that always leads to questions, granted sometimes not based around the failure and more along the lines of “Dear Gods, why try this in the town square!” and “Why did it need bladed legs!”. Proposals too, such as “I propose you do this somewhere else!”, all seems to be standard stuff, I’ve been doing it right for a while already!

“Brigh welcomes all research and invention as devotion, including the creation of destructive contraptions, but opposes acts of destruction…”


“…that impede learning and development.”

Phew, worried me, you can never know enough about explosions, usually where they are about to happen. Yup this all seems standard stuff. Lets see, one final footnote.

“Brigh also inspires some inquisitors who pursue uncontrollable constructs or abusive or careless inventors.”

Seems reasonable.

“Her inquisitors are particularly protective of abused intelligent constructs, as well as of people threatened by rampaging constructs.”

Wait, what?

“Their primary concerns are the preservation and repair of such constructs and punishing any who abuse them.”

Well, that changes everything, the Android must be released never know.


Mike_Craney finchworld

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