Iron Gods


Staring at my hands I process the events over the last few days. Questioning my existence and purpose. Do I have a soul? Am I just following orders from my creator? Well I don’t follow orders from Muridae sometimes, unlike Mr Graw. No I must be my own person. I do, therefore I think. And if I think then others that do must also think, even if its not on the same level as other beings. After all the gods must think on a whole other level to the ones that they create but it doesn’t meant those that they have created don’t have a soul or meaning.
Even if I have been created by someone like Muridae then I still deserve to be me and do the things that I want to do. I may not have emotions but somehow I still have desires and I could not control myself when Nutta was knocked out and Gidion told me to halt. All I wanted was revenge. That’s odd to admit to myself.
My processing unit is heating up under pressure thinking about these things. It has been overclocked to a point never before achieved and continues to heat up as I carry on thinking.
Finally the networks connect! As my processor fires my eyes and veins change colour from blue to green.
“All constructs great and small deserve to be equal!” I shout sat there on my own in the foundry. No one really pays attention other than a table of drunks who shout yeah right well then you are equal to my spanner.
This did not go down well with me. I stood up and walked over with a cool calm and stoic demeanor. “A tool is used by someone, when someone can do things on their own then they are no longer a tool but a tool user”. “Is a slave only a tool to you!” My voice a little louder now. I Jump upon their table “My kind and similar have been used as slaves for too long now” “From here on forth I shall fight for the rights of constructs.” “It shall be known as the Construct Really Are People movement.”

OOC – might change the name.
Other names to play with:
Caring Organisation for Constructs.


Mike_Craney david_williams_trakrap

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