B001-1AN (bool)


On the back of my head there is what people are calling a serial number it is B001-1AN so I was given the anthropomorphic name of Bool.


<clank,> “Almost there and yep, yep just a little, got it.” Was the first glimpse into the surrounding world that came to my mind. I could hear these things in a language that I for some reason instantly understood. My hearing was the first thing to come to me and shortly afterwords blurry images were before me, some of them moved. I calculate that the sounds must be coming from the brownish blurs that are moving around me. The more I focus the more defined these blurs seemed to make themselves. Questions run through my mind, a mind that has not been awake since, well that was just another question.

As my surroundings became crisp and hearing more acute I feel a huge surge of pain shoot to my head and then down my spine. At this point I was aware that I also had a body of my own and to my utmost amazement I was able to control it. I raised my arm and bent my knees. The brown things kept talking to me but I was so overwhelmed with what can only be described as the miracle of life. My synapses rushed to make connections on the overwhelming stimulus and threw my entire body into spasm. It goes dark.

I wake up a second time, this time it was a little more pleasant without any agonising pain. My neural networking processor could now handle conversation with these two odd looking bags of meat.

As an android I don’t have emotions; however that does not mean that I do not have a personality. I have a desire to help life forms with their goals. I have no idea why and I know it doesn’t make sense but when a life form has a task with meaning (or a greater purpose as the Paladin says) then something clicks inside and their task become mine.

When I am doing something, anything I have to take my processing power from my current task and assign it to what I am now doing. You might notice this when a combat starts and from my vocal emitter comes “combat mode engaged” or when checking for danger the scanning process is started. Although I do find it rather suspicious that no one else seems to have a loading bar in their reality when observing their surroundings or such.

What I also find odd is humour, why do meatbags laugh at such mundane things, what is its purpose? They try to explain it all the time and I think im getting there but only very few meatbags exhale with strange noises when I tell them my jokes and they tend to run away afterwards.

I have some good meatbags who treat me well, just like they treat each other, but sometimes I find other meatbags will treat me like I am property. I find those meatbags are also the ones who are scared of me the most (although I am still struggling with the difference between fear and laughter). When I am treated as property or shunned for my appearance the glowing silicon veins glow stronger, heat up and my intimidate mode is automatically selected with plenty of aggression. I do not anticipate what I may do one day when the circumstance is right as it will most defiantly lead to a dire situation. This is why I try to cover up when interacting with settlements

My inability to give even the simplest lie is found to be irritating by even my friends. The Paladin tells me that it is bad to lie but I heard him say that the meal was very tasty but I saw him eject it from his fuel deposit station when other meatbags were not looking. This confuses me.

Another thing that the meatbags make no logical sense with is when it is acceptable to inflict system damage on other meatbags and to what amplitude. I have tried to set logical rules but that do not match to what I am being told by my friends so for now I will just take their advice.

I have noticed that in my head that there are slots where something would go in there, from an educated guess and what I already know about myself I believe that that are personality enhancer slots. I have no idea what they would do and by definition I could never understand until I use it.

My goals include finding out about myself, where did I come from, who made me and what is my purpose. But these simple questions answered would be irrelevant if I was unable to create and improve myself. Therefore I must find all of my personality enhancer modules; maybe they will be near other bits of technology like me.

Operatus Morandi
When I go out in the field to explore I consider self-preservation to be of the highest order of importance. Systems failure mostly comes from 2 sources.

The first being hazardous environments, I will scan each area before proceeding and when a hazard presents itself I will use whatever tools I have to remove it or navigate around where possible. And ultimately when neither of these approaches work I will resort to using my physical attributes to climb or leap of which I am rather proficient.

The second sources of damage are hostile creatures. Here I will use my silent operation mode to avoid detection and position myself in an advantageous position. Then when the time is right I will strike at the vulnerable and operationally critical parts of an enemy. The most efficient way to shut down a hostile is to attack with both hands (most meatbags struggle with this) and I have perfected the form of two weapon fighting whilst using daggers. Daggers are easy to hide, can be thrown and are as effective as any great sword when the correct place comes in contact with the perfectly sharpened blade.

To prevent damage in combat I will use a shirt that has linked metal chains as it does not slow me down much and can take the brunt of a hit.

Out of the directly dangerous situations when I am simply conversing with meatbags my best tool is to rely on the Paladin as everybody seems to like him and listens to what he has to say. However if I have to deal with these situations in themselves, as unusual as it may be, I find people react most favourably when threatened. My friends also say that I could be a perfect lier to get what I want if I could only figure out how to do it.

B001-1AN (bool)

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