Ratfolk Alchemist


Muridae is heavily robed, both carrying and wearing a crude respirator, intended for use in caves and old mine shafts. He wears on his belt alchemical bottles and vials, some seemingly more volatile than others. Beside him clanks Graw, a mechanical monster of his own making, made in crude imitation of finer technologies, ever follows and protects him.



Muridae was born of many brothers and sisters, of which he holds only one in any esteem. The caverns in which he was raised was once said to be a great workshop of a forgotten time or a potential unknowable future. Now it lay in ruin, though some scraps remained, guiding lights to not so much as to what was but more to what could be.

It was here his lust for all things mechanical was made. Soon as able, he scoured the old caves, followed half forgotten stories and bartered with all manner of foreign merchant, all with enthusiam but little success. It was not until he was sought out by his brother that his path became clear. He was led to a pod containing parts of a most bizarre mechanical being. Through careful thought, dogged persistence and eventually, blind wreckless sodding luck, did the mechcanical being rise. Though “B001” functioned more than Muridae had hoped, it obeyed much less than desired. Both inspired and disapointed, with what secrets he had gleamed he built for himself Graw, a mechanical being of less ability, but greater loyalty.

Muridae can be said to be calm and persistent in all things, for a reasonable amount of time. Pass this point he is a dangerous experimenter, a method that often ends in fire, but also rare success. For a time he has been single minded in his pursuit of fabled “tek-now-edgy”, but has, with the exception of B001, had little success.

Muridae currently travels with his brother, the Android B001 and a traveller they picked up on the road known as Gideon. His brother claimed a town known as “Torch” may yield more of what he seeks.
Muridae cares not so much where this “tek-now-edgy” originates from, only how he may bend it to his needs.


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