Iron Gods

Irons Gods
On last weeks episode.....

Hopefully here I will keep a record of where our brave heroes last left off we can have a quick method of recapping before each session.

Hopefully this will speed up the gameswe play even if just a little bit.

Also you can comment on theseif therehas been anything left out.

Episode 1
On last week's episode.

Our story begins as all good stories do, with a band of unlikely travellers hearing the call of adventure in a distant land.

Our heroes arrived in the town of Torch after hearing of the town’s appeal for help with their recent problems. upon entering the town, the band proceeded to the town hall to meet with Dolga, a female dwarf who is one of the town’s councilers.

Dolga Freddert, the town’s oldest councilor, was present at Torch’s founding over a century ago, and though her body has grown old in those 100 years, she remains alert and energetic.

While speaking to her, our heroes found out that the normal fire at the summet of the Black Hill (which sustains the town and provides one of the few places able to produce hot enough temperatures to smith skymetals, giving the town its trade) has gone out and has been out for the past 8 days.

Since the torch went out, a cave system was discovered underneath the “weeping pond” into which, Khonnir Baine has made a number of expeditions into the cave network bringing back numerious arifacts.

However he has failed to return from his latest voyage into the unknown and has been missing for approx 3 days now.

The council has requested if the heroes are able to rescue the counciler then they will be hansomly rewarded. There is also a bonus available if they are able to restart the flame atop Black hill.

Once the meeting with Dolga was completed, our party headed to the taverns to seek Val, Khorrir’s daughter, for more information on her father’s exploration however upon arrival at “The Foundry”, the Android detected screaming coming from the rear building.

It was at this moment, Gideon raced forward intent on defending whoever may need it. After charging and bursting through the front door, Gideon found himself in a small corridor with a number of doors but hearing metal gears grinding and metal whiring coming from one of the rooms. It turned out to be a machine that was retrieved by Khonnir during one of his expeditions thought dead but now very alive and intent on destroying the building.

By this point, the Ratfolk, Muridae, caught up and threw one of his alchemical devices severally damaging the machine (and the surrounding barrels). At this moment, Gideon chose to seize the initiative, cleaving the machine in half with his falchion.

After ensuring the destruction of this strange machine, our party spoke with Val, a young female, and obtained further information as to the expedition’s discoveries.

As a reward for their assistance, Val has allowed the party to use The Foundry as their base of operation, a safe place to rest and resupply.

Once the party had visited the Temple of Brigh (to which the ratfolk Muridae was obsessed), the party headed into the cave system, easily dispatching of the native creatures which dwelled there until they came across a number of hairless black humanoids who call themselves Skulks and come from the Darklands.

Upon meeting these Skulks and their leader Sef, they made it clear that they did not have the will to fight and struck a bargin to clear themselves of a group of Gremlins currently plaguing what is left of their tribe.

During this conversation, the party was made aware of a large party lead by a purple haired women who hired Sef and her Skulks to prevent anyone else from following them. This proved difficult however when Khonnir and his expedition forced their way through.

This is where we lastleft our heroes.

Episode 2
On last weeks episode.....

After discovering that a large party led by a purple haired women hired Sef and her tribe to prevent anyone following them, they set out take care of the little Gremlin problem to the north as requested by Sef. It was not long before the party encountered trouble and pushed them onto the defensive seemingly being attacked from nowhere while spying upon a creature coming up.

Attacking the party was a creature grimacing like a maniac, this lean little bat-eared horror displays a mouth full of needle-like teeth and glowing, orange eyes. The party realised that they have found the Gremlins and quickly pushed them back but before the killing blow was struck, they vanished just as quickly as they had appeared.

Sensing conflict, the party pushed on deeper but the moment they pressed on, a trap was sprung, grazing the mechanical beast Mr Graw.

After rounding the corner, our heroes found Nutah in combat with another Gremlin but this one was easily overcome and despite the involvement of another, all was quite once again. These are indeed pesky creatures.

The party rounded a corner into an open room. Several different passageways converge on a narrow ledge overlooking a rubble-filled cavern. The far wall is made of a smooth, dark gray metal. A single circular door, tightly closed, sits on the metal wall just above the upper level of the rubble.

As B001 pushed on scouting ahead, he heard the faint thud of something landing on the floor behind him but before it could react the creature was upon him. This was a similar creature to the other but looked much stronger and definately more experienced. Despite the agility of this more advanced Gremlin, B001 was able to graple it and pin it down as Muridae assisted.

Sensing its defeat was near, the creature vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving it’s shard of metal (used as a weapon) on the ground. After licking their wounds, Nutah scouted the last unknown area but quickly regretted the decision as a trap was triggered, severally injuring him but this was nothing since the group had previously found healing potions.

It was at this point that the group noticed a second solid metal wall but this one had what looked to be a door. No matter how much they tried, the door would not budge as if it was barred from the other side.

The party returned to Sef to advise that they have cleared the Gremlins out from the caves as previously agreed. Sef provided the group with the promised reward:

3x suits of studded leather armor,
1x masterwork buckler,
1x short bow with 11 arrows,
1x rapier,
2x shortswords,
1x masterwork sap,
2x potions of cure moderate wounds,
1x sunrod,
2x sets of masterwork thieves’ tools,
1x scroll of shield,
1x scroll of identify,
143 gp.

While inspecting the Metal Wall near Sef’s encampment, Muridae discovered that if one of the cards were inserted into a solt on the wall, the wall itself would open up revealing a very different and alien interior. The mud stopped and turned into metal however the party could see a large number of footprints going through the opposite door.

It was time for the party to return to the surface before the Priest’s blessing expired and prevented them for navigating the water cavern.

The party returned to the Town Hall and spoke to Dolga, updating her with new of their travels.

Upon leaving the town hall, our heroes were handed an invitation by a nervious looking curior, for the Silverdisk Hall. A known location for drinking and gambling run by a human named Garmen Ulreth but also includes a certificate worth 100gp for use in entertainment within his establishment.

From asking around town, our party found that Garmen Ulreth is one of the more influential people in Torch— an impressive quality, given the fact that he’s neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmen’s considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch’s citizens owe him money in either small or large amounts.

After enquiring at the temple & The Foundry regarding the Purple-haired lady (based on information given by Sef) our band of adventures decided to give their luck a test with some gambling (apart from Muridae who was not quite sure how or why you would want to gamble). Meanwhile Nutah was having a whale of a time and came away from the experience 465gp richer. This was obviously not to Garmen’s liking, “convincing” Nutah to join him for a drink before leading him out of the door.

This is where we last left our heroes.

B001's Downtime

Stood in the corner of the Foundry Tavern with Gideon, Nuhta and Muridae staring at the wall. Gideon comes over and suggests that in an environment like this it is considered strange to be facing the corner when stood in it. With that hint I turn around and think about the mayhem that has happened over the last day. Although it was easier to think facing the wall, pfft silly meatbags and their strange rituals.

More has happened over the last day than in my entire existence so far. Admittedly that has not been that long. I can not help run over the possibilities that lie beyond the star metal door. The technology seems to match me, maybe it holds secrets of where I come from and who I am meant to be. I am not going to get more answers until the morning and we are fully rested. It does seem like an odd design flaw that the meatbags need to close their eyes and do nothing for 8 hours a day, I understand them needing to repair but honestly, I just think they are lazy.

So during this time I think to myself that I will learn more about the sentient bags of meat and their strange rituals. I mean even the three that I travel with are vastly different. You have Gideon who everyone likes and he seems to like putting himself in to possible situations of hazard just to prevent damage to the rest of us. And just look at Muridae, he has a strange persistance about him with the world. I am starting to think maybe his memory module is fine but its his reality chip is the thing that is damaged. He still thinks I should obey his commands like his primitive puppy. But I have to let him off as he has been nothing but kind-ish to me. Finally their is Nutah who seems to be very good at hinding and just turning up out of the blue. (I also know very little about him as his personal god has not got a background) I cant believe his stupidity in the casino but somehow it paid off for him. It does seem he is very adept at communication though and seems to tend to my “feelings” showing kindness. I am unsure if I should tell him this is unnecessary as I do not have them. But if I ever do get them when im older then that may be required.

So off I go with some farewells looking for another tavern to investigate. I stop by a building with a rustic sign outside saying “The Copper Coin”. I open the door and step inside with an air of curiosity.

What do I see mike? Who is there? Is this even the right way of doing this? What is the answer to the ultimate question?

One of the oldest taverns in Torch, the Copper Coin stands right on the western edge of town. This fixture nightspot fills up with patrons almost every evening, and it is especially popular with laborers and artisans looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Human siblings Lawton and Katina Rimos run the Coin as a quality establishment with good food at reasonable prices. In fact, much like their father, who ran the tavern for 30 years before passing away, they pride themselves on claiming everything costs “just a few coppers”.

After walking in, Lawton greets you: Welcome to our establishment, I am Lawton and this is a sister Katina. Unforunately I do not believe we have anything suitable for your……….kind. We serve mearly food and ale here or is there something specific you require?

An honest day's work.
Gideon downtime 1

After my companions and I surfaced from our first excursion into the cave I headed to our lodgings to rest. I fell quickly into a dreamless sleep and didn’t stir until shortly before sunrise.

When I awoke, looking out of the window and down into the street I could see a number of the townsfolk were already up and about their day. I decided to walk while it was still early, I would catch up with the others later.

I left my armour and sword next to my bunk and grabbed a spare cloak from a hook next to the front door on the way out, it was a little threadbare but warm enough.

I walked through the streets letting my feet take me where they pleased. After a few minutes of aimless wandering I came to a house on the edge of town, it’s walls barely standing, one had collapsed completely.

It reminded me of the machine we encountered in The Foundry Tavern ran by Val, intent on taking the place apart brick by brick. It probably would have too if we didn’t stop it.

‘Help you sonny?’ The voice of an old haggard woman snapped me back from my musings. I looked down to see who had spoken to me. The woman was old, and looked up at me through gray eyes speckled with cataracts. She leaned on a cane and hunched over so much so that she was nearly bent double. She was standing in front of me and had clearly just come from the ruins of the house I stood before. ‘Forgive me madam, I was lost in thought. Is this your home?’ ‘Hah! What’s left of it.’ She cackled. ‘Place is barely habitable since the storm.’ She looked back at the building with both a fondness and a sadness of someone who had spent a lifetime there.

I had no idea what storm she spoke of but I could see She had memories here, good and bad connected to her home and I could tell that although she had laughed about the state of the place that it hurt her to see it so.

‘Well let’s see what we can do about that shall we?’ I said and began to roll up my sleeves. The woman protested at first, saying it was un-necessary but stopped after a few minutes of me shifting rubble. I worked for most of the morning, clearing broken stone, setting salvageable brick to one side, I only noticed it was midday when I was stopped by the old woman bearing food and water. A few other townsfolk had joined me in my efforts At this point and I sat down to eat wand rest with them.

Looking at them, they were a community of good people, they just needed a little spur to do what was right. There was hope here I thought to myself. It reminded me of why it was good to help others.

Midday turned into evening and as the sun dipped the ruin of the house looked ten times better, it was a day’s hard labour but I felt better for it than I’d felt since I’d wound up on this strange plane.

I told the old woman (Magda she had said her name was,) that I would return to help more when I could As evening drew closer I set off back to the foundry to rest and regroup with the others.

Episode 3
Once more into the Caves

We last left out heroes after their rest from gambling at the Silverdisk Hall. Each of our heros spent the next day focusing on their own tasks before regrouping to continue on their quest.

insert water investigation

The group ventured into the caves once more and found the metal door previously spotted, inside this door, the ground turned to a dark metal and the ceiling was covered with flickering light sources. The party cautiously proceeded opening the next door but found their path blocked by a more intact version of the machine encountered in the Foundry Tavern. Before it could react, our team severally damaged the three-legged machine, drawing out into the doorway, allowing all members to cause enough damage to topple it.

Piles of rubble line the room with what looked like a staircase located in an ajoining room heading down but this path is blocked by the collapsed ceiling. The party found in this room: a set of grippers, a black e-pick, and two batteries.

Pressing on, the party found beyond the door, the ground changed again to sand like substance with rock walls forming a cave enterance. After proceeding down the cave, the party found a strange large rock like hollow object similar to carapace resting against the wall. The accurate eyesight of B001 spotted that the ground surrounding this object looked darker than the rest.

Before proceeding forwar, Muridae took no chances and threw an alchemical bomb at the object. After the bomb hit the carapace causing very little damage, multiple tenticle like tentrils


With his quick thinking, Muridae threw an acid flask at the creature causing severe damage and melting the carapace. With another quick throw, the creature was defeated.

The party proceeded out of the cave into a large sand covered expanse with very little to no light available. The edges of the cave are rock rise up along the edge but ends in a dark metal wall continuing to raise upwards out of sight.

Along the floor, B001 spotted there was a well worn trail towards the centre but before following it, Muridae raised concerns about following a path that no-one has returned from. Heeding this caution, the party followed the wall instead keeping the wall to their left, the party explored around the edge keeping the wall to their left..

After a large amount of exploring, the party came across a number of caves but before they were able to investigate, a mound of sand moved and revealed a 4-armed skeleton who immediately attacked the party causing a large amount of damage before it was then easily destroyed by Mr Graw.

Within these caves, there were the remains of a primative nomadic culture indicated by the broken pottery and drawings on the cave wall.

With the caves explored, the party decided it was time to head back to the surface but on the way back to the entrance, the party were ambushed by 2 more skeletons however these were dispached quicker then the first few and successfully left the cave.

This is where we left our heroes.

Episode 4
What does this do?

We last left our heroes back in town after exploring the majority of the large open cave. Upon entering the town, our group decided to rest before seaking out the priest of brigh once more.

Upon meeting the priest they were told more information on the possible cause of the headaches that a small number of the population where encountering. Despite pressing for more information, the priest was unable to provide anything concrete.

Our heroes left the temple and headed through the town towards the black hill to the small crater that use to be the location for the fire that gave the town its name, but is now just a small crater with a small amount of a black fluid. Murdae took a sample of this fluid for use at a later date.

Once this was stored, the party headed back to the temple, received their blessing and headed back into the caves.

Once in the caves, they came back to the large open area and continued to explore. They found a cave that had shined light out however the back of the cave looked like regular rock.

The party quickly discovered that this is a fake wall and proceeded through. Muridae quickly noticed that some elements of the metal door infront of them did not match the others. This metal room is brightly lit by glowing panels in the ceiling above. To the left and right, complex machines consisting of spiral tubes and nozzles twitch and hum.

This small room moves opens into a long corridor bending around to the east while a set of double doors lie in front. The party moved upto these doors and after checking for any obvious traps, moved into the room. The air in this room seems to buzz and hum with energy. Strips of glowing rectangles light the room from above, while strange
flckering windows line the east and west walls. A large glasstopped circular table sits in the middle of the room.
To the north sits a large metal desk covered with blinking lights, while a humming pillar of purple-and-black metal stands nearby, its sides flshing with tendrils of violet energy. A single golden panel flshes with a soft but incessant light on the side of this pillar. A thick layer of dust coats everything, diffusing the lights shining from the various surfaces, and many of the machines seem to be damaged, cracked, or otherwise ruined.

Muridae immediately ran up to the consoles and began pushing buttons but it was B001 that noticed on on the pillar labeled “reset”. Upon pushing this, a shower of sparks came from the consoles and caused the room to whir and hum, and a moment later, the circular table in this room f lares to light, providing a holographic projection of the habitat module on its surface. Numerous panels on the wall fill with static and the pillar of purple metal flashes and begins to pulsate.

Our adventurers moved on from here and followed the corridor first east then north as they found a set of doors to their east and north. Upon opening the northern doors, Muridae spotted A large metal table is surrounded by odd-looking chairs in this room. To the west, what appears to be a transparent wall looks out over a strange desert valley. Four pillars support the fiteenfoot-high ceiling, while dozens of crude images of a pickaxe made of a skull and bones have been painted onto the walls with some sort of ivory pigment along with several phrases in an unrecognizable language.

The moment muridae stepped through the door, he was ambushed by a creature that looked very similar to the skeletons they met previously but this had a lot more flesh attached, wielding 2 short swords and using the claws with his other arms.


After a brutal fight, the creature was defeated but due to the damage sustained, the group thought it best to retreat back to town to heal up before proceeding any further. Within the room, the group found a similar ‘rune of passing’ however this appeared to be coloured black..

This is where we last left our heroes.

Episode 5

After resting in town, the party awoke and headed towards the temple when they encountered a human trader by the name of Sanvil Trett. He tells the party that he is very interested in any artifacts found in the cave and will pay hansomely for them but he can also help identify any items as he has a large amount of experience with these wierd devices.

After much convincing, Muridae and B001 decided they would see what he had to offer. Upon visiting the store, they found he had a weird item that appeared to be the right size and shape for a slot in B001’s head.

With B001’s “upgrade” in place, the party headed over to the temple and obtained the blessing and headed back into the caves.

The group proceeded quickly over the familiar ground covered previously until they were back at the east looking door. Muridae immediately attempted to open the door with the brown ‘rune of passing’ but the door displayed a red light. It did not take long for the group to realise they needed to use the newly aquired card. Savil Trett was very helpful with these and explained that there are more colours and only certain cards will open certain doors. Upon trying the black card, the door opened reveiling a large curving corridor with a collapsed ceiling at one end and a large door in front of them.

After moving through this metal area, the doors give way to a large open room. A large metal desk with blinking lights and strange glowing panels sits atop a raised area on the east side of this room near a circular table. Two couches covered with black material sit to the south a pair of black metal pillars. Splatters of dried blood stain the flor and walls near a pair of doors to the north, while here and there patches of rust-red mold and fungus cling to the southern wall. The room itself is brightly lit by glowing panels on the ceiling.

Muridae ran stright to the desk and sat on the chair before immediately flailing on the panel before him. This caused a number of fuzzy random images to appear on the screen but the one image he was able to remember is one of creatures who looked very similar to the 4-armed skeletons encountered previously before going blank.

While this was occurring, B001 decided to investigate a near by door in which he found a number of storage lockers containing a few items (incase forgotted):

fully functional flashlight,
three batteries (one drained),
26 silverdisks.

There was a small container with a white label on its surface but desite all their knowledge, the party was just not able to open it and since it looked to be made out of the same material as the walls, there was a slim chance in breaking it open.

Out of the 2 doorways to take (north and east) our party took the east door which opened into a small corridor, door further east and a door to their south.

Taking the door south, the found a small, slightly curving corridor, door to the south-west and a small door to the south-east.

Believing that all small doors lead to loot, our party took the small door only to find a long curving corridor, door to their immediate north, further along towards the south and east.

Following the same philosiphy that has lead them this far, the pair opened the door to their immediate north. This room reeks of stagnant water and decaying vegetation. A long trough of water runs along the walls of this room; a layer of brown scum and algae grows on the water’s surface and on the walls. A single workstation sits in the middle of the room connected to a large machine made of tubes and bubbling tanks of water.

Sat upon the room’s single mold-encrusted chair, a small green creature with 2 others beside him stand to face the group.


Before anything can move, Muridae immediately throws an alchemical device into the room, vaporising the 2 bodyguards of this creature and damaging him but not stopping his rage as he came charging at the heroes. The small green creature dropped his hammer in his rage and clawed at Muridae. Muridae could feel something attempting to take hold as it clawed away but pushed it back.

After a short fight, our heroes defeated the creature and immediately searched the room for valuables. Muridae, interested by the machinery, found that the water was not drinkable. This indicated to the group that Khonnir may well be dead after all.

The group decided to move further down the corridor revealing a door to the north around the corner.

Following the very popular tactics used to this point, the group decided to go through the small door along the southern wall.

The air in this room is unusually warm and moist, with a thin, pale vapor of mist clinging to the ceiling, causing the lighted panels to diffuse and become muted. Condensation runs down the walls along with a riot of unusual brown and dull green vegetation. The moist, thick-stemmed plants and vines grow out of long earth-filed troughs along the wall, while a tall column of plant matter extends like a tree trunk from a circular planter in the middle of the room to spread a network of vines across the mist-shrouded ceiling. A low humming sound fils the air.

B001 immediately spotted that within this room, they were not alone as some similar creatures as earlier were attempting to hide in the vegetation. Muridae managed to get a successful attack against a single creature and killed it before they faded back into the vegetation. Muridae recalls at this point that these creatures are plant based and as such should be easy to deal with.

While Muridae and B001 are discussing this, 2 spear points come thrusting out of the vegetation, scratching Mr Graw and B001 but it was not long until they were taken down. Only small short spears were found on their bodies.

The party proceeded through the small door they found in the north-west corner of the room.

The stench of mold and decay fils this open, dark chamber, no doubt created by the thick blanket of fungal matter coating the flor. Several chairs sit before work tables containing unusual tools and equipment, while a row of doors line the curved southern wall. The party spotted another plant creature but this was much different to the others. This strange, vibrant plant slowly but dangerously whips about its trio of tendrils with spiked heads.

Luckily for the adventures, this plant moved too slowly and was easily dealt with.

A search of the room found four bodies of the Brigh worshipers,
while in advanced stages of decay and fungal infestation. All four possess silver holy symbols of Brigh.

After discovering these bodies, it was decided to head back to town.

This is where we last left our heroes.

Episode 6
What are pants?

We last left out heroes coming back to town to rest after a very successful outing into the ruins despite being down on party members. Upon resting, Muridae and B001 found they had once again been joined by Gideon but upon heading to the temple, they found themselves in the company of 2 very unusual characters, a masked man with a strong desire to see Khonnir safe named Jacob Fortress and a halfling with a facination of spinning and a severe lack of clothing who heard that these adventures have been into the caves multiple times and have always come back. Previously groups who went in, would never be heard from again. The masked man did not say much other then he would accompany the group in search of Khonnir.

With this, the group received their blessings and headed into the caves. During the journey in, B001 decided to advise the new party members of what lies ahead.

Soon the party was back within the large initial room and decided to investigate the blood stains to the north. Upon opening the northern door, the sight before them shocked even the most stout hearted. Bloodstains mar the floor and walls of this hallway, while scorch marks and smears of ash on the walls evidence some sort of altercation having taken place in this area relatively recently. Four tangled mounds of metal and other materials lie further up the hall, surrounded by strangely colored stains.

Muridae immediately moved to investigate the tangle mounds of metal and found another battery but nothing more. The corridor curled round to the east, revealing a door to the east and south at the end of the hall. B001 moved up and checked for any danger on the door. After determining that the door posed no threat, the group moved in and immediately noticed the blood streak stopped at the door.

A long table with various unusual stones and dirt samples heaped on it sits along the southern wall of this room, while to the north a line of metal desks with glowing panels and buttons are placed next to a large humming device. The heart of this device seems to be some sort of flickering sphere of reddish brown mud or dirt. Dust covers much of this room, save for a strangely clean swath between the doors, which leads to the strange humming device.

Muridae moved into the to inspect the devices but found more facination with the chairs that spin around while still staying upright. The moment he started spinning round, a large mass, A swollen, brainlike bulb encrusted with fungal shelves squats atop several ropy legs. A wide mouth bisects the bulb’s crown.
This creature quickly fell to the alchemica creations of Muridae but also the sudden blade of Gideon after charging.

The party moved on from here through the southern doors and found that the blood stain on the floor has started again. There is a door to the south and one to the east however it is found that the corridor moves off to the west.
Around this corner, doors a found to the west, and smaller doors to the north and the south.

Going into the southern door, a small tiled room lies before them. Four narrow stalls take up the south portion of this room, their doors and partitions not qu ite reaching the tiled floor or ceiling a bove. A fifth door stands to the west, while a strange metal basin protrudes from the wall immediately to the east of the entrance.

Going through the northern small door, Two circular metal tables and several chairs fill the bulk of this room. Metal cabinets sit against the walls, while to the north stands a large machine with glowing panels on its surface. The air in this room felt unusually warm. Searching the room revealed a large collection of 50 small tubes of concentrated food.

After investigating heavily a strangly hot surface, but yet no fire, the party moved on through the western small door. This opened into a straight corridor running north-south. Doors to the north (which was quickly established to connect to a prior corridor) and doors to the south (which led to a strange circular room, with a panel on the wall displaying a strange language), doors also on the western wall opened to a large room.

The unlit circular room is empty save for a panel of controls on the wall to the northwest. A coil of tubes dangling from the left side of the panel periodically flashes with sparks, while a single square window on the panel blinks with several lines of strange writing. B001 translated the panel to say the following:

Deck 4: Engineering
Deck 3: Science
Deck 2: Crew
Deck 1: Docking
WARNING: Elevator off-ne-please contact maintenance!

The last line titled “WARNING” is flashing in red, while the line titled “Deck 3” is bright blue.

Meanwhile, the party moved into the western room; This sprawling chamber conta ins many desks, tables, and chairs
arrayed before a number of broken pieces of equipment and machinery. The dried residue of liquids spilled from smashed containers creates a heavy stench in the air, and pieces of glass litter the floor.

Within the room, the party found three hideous creatures. Like some taut pustule ready to burst, this mobile wound scuttles on a bristle of slick hairs. Our heroes fought hard to defeate this creatures but not before getting covered in the foul smelling innards. (Fury and Lynskey infected by leprosy)

After cleaing themselves up, the party moved back the way they came to the room not yet explored with blood stains outside. B001 determined that there was no traps on the door and proceeded to open the large metal door. Metal desks sit to the north and south of this long room, yet the most distinctive features are a pair of odd, bedlike tables
flanked by curving panels of blinking, pulsing lights. Moving armatures of metal extend out over the beds, each outfitted with glowing panes of glass and strangely glowing tools. The chamber reeks of blood, with great crimson stains splashed across the device, beds, and floor.

Stood next to one of the beds is a large white machine with a number of sharp implements and appears to be working aggressivly on something on the bed.


Without giving the machine chance to react, the party moved in to surround it causing a large amount of damage quickly. Once the party members were closer, they discovered the robot was slicing apart the very mauled remains of a human on the bed and can be heard spewing phrases like the following: “Please remain calm; you are to undergo a medical procedure,” or “There is no reason to struggle, you are in safe hands,” or “The doctor will be with you

Despite hitting the adventures a number of times, the party was quickly able to overwhelm the machine in a shower of sparks. Muridae seized this opportunity to investigate the remains and found that there is a simlar item within the head of this robot to the item installed within B001’s head.

While the party discussed what to do next, Muridae convinced B001 to lie down on the bed while he attempted to “upgrade” him using the equipment present, in the process causing a hot red beam of light to burn its way across B001’s chest. B001 instantly rolled off the bed looking very displeased.

This is where we last left our heroes.

Of Finding God And Crafting Metal Angels.

In an empty alcove of a church, a small robed being was squinting furiously at a pamplet, as a crude metal being made faint whirling grindy noises beside him.

Brigh’s primer for laypriests had thankfully turned out to be brief and rather straight forward.

“Brigh’s teachings ground this process in three equally important concepts, often conceived as a triangle: questioning, proposals, and testing. Each are considered necessary and dependent upon one another in the safe, concrete, documentable pursuit of knowledge.”

Simple enough, when testing fails that always leads to questions, granted sometimes not based around the failure and more along the lines of “Dear Gods, why try this in the town square!” and “Why did it need bladed legs!”. Proposals too, such as “I propose you do this somewhere else!”, all seems to be standard stuff, I’ve been doing it right for a while already!

“Brigh welcomes all research and invention as devotion, including the creation of destructive contraptions, but opposes acts of destruction…”


“…that impede learning and development.”

Phew, worried me, you can never know enough about explosions, usually where they are about to happen. Yup this all seems standard stuff. Lets see, one final footnote.

“Brigh also inspires some inquisitors who pursue uncontrollable constructs or abusive or careless inventors.”

Seems reasonable.

“Her inquisitors are particularly protective of abused intelligent constructs, as well as of people threatened by rampaging constructs.”

Wait, what?

“Their primary concerns are the preservation and repair of such constructs and punishing any who abuse them.”

Well, that changes everything, the Android must be released never know.


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